Educational projects

A project manager and contributor of;

CBT: Course director, Instructional designer and Multimedia Director of :

* Parasitology CD whole curriculum + virtual reality museum and life cycles. Completed

Under supervision of Prof. Olfat Almatrawy, The Head of Department

* Pathology CD Museum and Slides Completed

Under supervision of Prof. Ali Hendawy

* Surgery CD VR models and XRays ; 90 VR models 95% completed

Under supervision of Prof. Amr Mohsen

* Gynecology Museum CD; VR museum and Instruments; 250 VR models, in the Debugging phase

Under supervision of Prof. Mohamad Almeligui and Prof. Mahmoud Salem

* Ongoing Projects;
o Forensic Museum; 80 VR models
o Anatomy Museum; 300 VR models


* Complete Blood Picture; Course manager, multimedia director, course engineer, and developer
* Evidence Based Medicine; Course manager