2015 Apr:           German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). German-Egyptian Research Long-term Scholarship (GERLS). 4-Year PhD scholarship.

2014 Nov:          Best presentation award, Egyptian Ophthalmological Society meeting, Alexandria, Egypt.

2014 July:          US Department of State Alumni Awards, US Embassy, Cairo – Health Program.

2014 May:           Conquer Cancer Foundation / American Society of Clinical Oncology International Development and Education Award (IDEA)

2014 Apr:            Research and Development Innovation RDI – Grant, Egypt (650,000 Euro). – PI’s didn’t proceed to receive it due to political situation in Egypt and didn’t sign the contract.

2014 Mar:           Misr ElKheir Foundation Grant, Egypt 2014, Egypt

2014 Feb:            German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). German Egyptian Research Short term Scholarship (GERSS)

2014 Jan:             European Association of Cancer Research. Two months Travel Grant.

2013 Nov:           ESMO Symposium on Immuno-Oncology, Geneva, Switzerland. Travel Grant

2013 Nov:           LeHo – Learning at Home and in the Hospital Project. EACEA (Education and Culture European Agency). 455,000 Euro. 3 Years to Dec 2016. Co-investigator.

2013 Aug:            International Society of Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma (ISGEDR) meeting, Ghent, Belgium (Travel Grant)

2012 Nov:           ESMO Translational Research Unit Visit, Christie Hospital, Manchester.

2012 Sep:            European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), Vienna, Austria (Travel Grant)

2012 Aug:            Ruth and Adolf Merckle Foundation Scholarship for Studying Oncology, Ulm University, Germany. (– July 2014.)

2012 Mar:           Methods of Cancer Research Workshop, European Society of Medical Oncology , American Society of Clinical Oncology and King Abdel Aziz City for Science and Technology, Al-Ahsaa, Saudi Arabia. 17-21. (Course Scholarship and Travel Grant)

2011 Sep:            North African Community Health Initiative, Legacy International – USA, Roanoke – Virginia, USA (Travel Grant)

2011 Jan:             International Society of Genetic Eye Diseases and Retinoblastoma(ISGEDR) meeting travel grant, Bangalore, India (Travel Grant)

2009 Apr:            eLearning in Practice Course, InWent-Germany (Partial Grant – Course Scholarship)

2008May:            The Best Educational Laparoscopic Surgery video -World best 30, WebSurg, Strasbourg, France: Prof. Amr Mohsen Crew as film director

2007 Mar:           Special mentions “KasrAlAiny School of Medicine Website – The eLearning Portal” eLearning Partition, The National E-Content Award 2006

2005 Jun:             Certificate of Appreciation, Building Webspace, Egyptian Association for International Medical Studies

2005 Feb:            Best Educational CD and educational material submitted by youth in Egyptian Universities Youth Week in Mansourah.

2005 Feb:            3rd Best Educational material in the same competition.

2004 Dec:            1st Best Educational CD and educational material submitted by students to Cairo University Science Club, for Gynaecology CD

2004 Dec:            2nd Best Educational CD and educational material in the same competition, for Parasitology CD, also my team had the 4th and 5th grades in the same competition.

2004 Dec:            Certificate of Appreciation for Parasitology eLearning Material Production, Parasitology Department, Faculty of Medicine, CU

1998 Aug:            The National Award for Ideal student in secondary schools

+ Many other appreciations for school, district and state level competitions winning 1988-1999.